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Notes on Gitmerge 2019

One conference. All things Git. Git-merge.

# Git Commands learned

# hash func

echo 'some text' | git hash-object --stdin


git lfs install
git lfs track "\*.mp4" // Use ""
git lfs migrate

# alias

cehckout = "checkout"
git lg
st = "!git status" #! runs as a shellscript
lg = "......."
git lgg
git standup

# hooks

ls -als .git/hooks
cat .git/hooks/pre-commit.sample
cat .git/hooks/commit-msg.sample

Explore git hooks (shellcheck) (link to shellcheck git hook on gist)
Added standardjs to githook on several html projects. -



# ATOMIC commits

git stash
git stash apply
git rebase -i HEAD~8
git rebase --continue

# git bisect

git reset HEAD~
git bisect start
git bisect good c0be76c
git bisect bad fa21802
git bisect --help
git bisect reset

# git reflog

git reflog
git reset --hard feature@{1}
git revert head
git cherry-pick bugfix1

# Ten Git problems & how to fix them

git clone https://github.com/tankred/10-git-problems.git
cat .gitmodules
git submodule deinit example-submodule
rm -rf example-submodule
rm -rf .git/modules/example-submodule
rm -rf .gitmodules

# My top 3 videos from gitmerge 2019

  1. The art of patience: why you should bother teaching Git to designers
  2. The future of free software
  3. Transitioning Git to SHA-256

# Bookmarks